Global Enterprise Management for Car & Automotive Repair

GEM-CAR was created by V2V Technologies Inc.

GEM-CAR is a technology company whose objective is to empower every mechanical shop to achieve more. We strive to assist them to growth, and impact every shop around the world. Our strategy is to build best-in-class Shop Management Software and productivity services.

We are transforming our R&D to enable GEM-CAR to lead the direction of this digital transformation, and enable our shop owner to thrive in this evolving world.

The mobile and cloud technologies are transforming the way individuals and organizations use and interact with software. Mobility is not centered on anyone devices; it is designed on the mobility of experiences that, in turn, are managed in the cloud. Our solutions are cloud-based and provide people and enterprises with various capabilities to store and process their data in our data centres.

Our Core Values

Our motivation

- Being part of our client’s success.

Our concerns

- Offer and deliver quality products and services on time and within budget.
- Continuously upgrade our solutions in relation to the growing needs of our customers.

Our commitment

- Communication
- Engagement
- Solutions focused

Our Mission

Assist the Transportation Industry to increase their profitability, efficiency and processes by implementing the best software, allowing them to focus on their own mission.

Our Vision

Customer satisfaction is the basis for a lasting relationship, which is why  GEM-CAR guarantees the quality of its services. 


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