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Since 2001, GEM-FLEET has provided the industry with the most complete fleet management software in North America.

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Manage cost

GEM-FLEET offers a wide range of fleet management reports, including a cost-per-mile report, to help you to justify the expenses. Reduce the number of non-planned stops at the shop. Manage the downtime of a vehicle as well as the personalized preventative maintenance scheduled based on mileage, duration or hours.

Manage Returns

You can easily manage warranties, returns, and cores for new, defective, and guaranteed parts so that you are credited the right amount by your parts suppliers.

Decrease Cost

GEM-FLEET can integrate with your GPS system for the tracking of your fleet. See the mileage of each unit automatically updated in your software and reduce your operational costs such as fuel costs and better plan preventive maintenance.

Software You Can Count On

Work Order & Inspection

GEM-FLEET's work order and inspections are customized for the truck industry. Using it will reduce the amount of time it takes to issue work orders and eliminate time spent searching for basic information on transmission, motor, differential. Better monitor brakes and tires wear.

Inventory Management

With GEM-FLEET you can easily manage your vehicle fleet and equipment inventory by setting minimum and maximum quantities. You can create barcode labels for any truck part. Manage personalized part survey.

Preventive Maintenance

With the Preventive Maintenance module, you can simplify your maintenance schedule processes and reduce your cost. You can easily keep track of regular maintenance services and the parts and labor costs associated with them and access its history.

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With GEM-FLEET, take advantage of your distributors’ online catalog by transferring parts/tires for trucks from their website to GEM-Fleet. Create purchase orders according to your preferred suppliers and quantities suggested.

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