GEM-BACKUP-monthly subscription

$10.00 / month


– Automated backups of your GEM-CAR database and data (No more manual backups required in GEM-CAR)
– Your data is stored on our cloud servers (Internet required)
– Highly secured storage server (SSL, encryption, unique user id, secure password, reinforced server security protocols)

– Redundant (All of our disks are duplicated, protection from hardware failure)
– Replication (The backup service is composed of 3 servers that are replicated in real time),
– We back up your backups! (Our servers backup all of your data, both on and off-site)
– The servers are closely monitored by our infrastructure experts

Unmatched Support
– The installation and setup is done by GEM-CAR support staff
– Sleep with complete peace of mind, GEM-CAR is alerted if there’s an issue with the backup process
– Easy access to your backups via the internet at all times
– Integration with your mobile phone, tablet or PC (Store images or documents and link them to GEM-CAR)

– Only $10 per month for complete peace of mind.

Note : Engagement of 12 months


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