GEM-REMOTE-monthly subscription

$25.00 / month




We use a local machine: as a local cloud server.


  • Activities are in the background: a user can always use the local machine,
  • In order to push multiple sessions, a more powerful computer would be necessary,
  • Around the world as long as we have a static IP address,
  • Backup solution not included,
  • Works on any tablet or computer with Internet and operates on Mac, Android, Samsung…
  • GEM-CAR will run on an Internet browser.


Yes, you can have only one license for GEM-REMOTE and several GEM-CAR licenses, unlike GEM-CLOUD where all the stations must be in the CLOUD.

$ 25 / month per license for GEM-REMOTE


Ex: owner working from the beach, accountant working from an off-site office


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