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GEM-CAR is the most complete and easy-to-use shop management software for tire centers in North America.

GEM-TIRE Software
Everything your Tire Shop Needs

Increase Revenue

Use security tire inspection to find additional mechanical work to up-sale while making sure customers will come back. Increasing your profits by regularly sending them promotional emails or reminders when they need to change their tires and perform tire rotation to increase their tire lifespan.

Be More Efficient

GEM-TIRE lets you easily complete important tasks in just a few clicks. Within seconds, you can view all your tires inventory and access fitness guides to create fast quotes, and label them in the right order.

Boost Performance

You can improve the performance of your shop by accessing reports about sold tires by make, model, and size to do pre-book and get a better discount. Use the tire storage module to create loyal customers and increase sales. In addition, print tire storage labels to quickly track your customer inventory.

Software You Can Trust

Tire Storage

Using the Tire Storage module, you can easily identify and organize your tires by printing labels in different colors. Prepare reports containing details of stored tires and their values for insurance and manage storage returns with a note on the bill.

Point Of Sale (POS)

You can quickly build estimates with a few tire models and generate invoices. Search over multiple tire suppliers catalogs to find the right tire to order them online. Integration is done with ATD, NTD, Atlanta Wheels, Bridgestone, Continental, Distribution VLN, Stox, Dunlop, Kyle Tire, Federated, Good year, Interstate Tire, Keystone, Michelin, Nokian see more
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In the POS, you can easily schedule appointments and send reminders by email or text.

Inventory Management

With the module, the inventory can turn 3 to 7 times a year. Print Tire labels with barcodes and scans them for fast inventory management.

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With GEM-CAR, the leading software for tire centers, you can easily integrate hundreds of parts and tire catalogs. In response to customer needs and requests, we continually update our catalog integration.

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