GEM-CAR Software For Transmission Shops

Since 2001, GEM-CAR has been a leader in transmission shops management software, with thousands of users across North America. Presented at the ATRA Powertrain Expo in Las Vegas with a dedicated version for the transmission shop.

GEM-CAR Software
For transmission shops

Increase Sales

GEM-CAR offers a wide range of management reports, and detailed invoices to assist you to justify expensive work to clients and make more sales. Use quiet time to build and stock core transmission using our production module.

Manage Returns

You can easily manage warranties, returns, and cores for new, defective, and guaranteed parts so that you are always credited at the right time by your parts suppliers.

Decrease Cost

GEM-CAR has assisted its community of transmission repair shops to decrease their cost with inventory control, kit management, barcode labeling, and the punch clock.

Software You Can Count On

Work Order & Inspection

GEM-CAR's work order and inspection sheets are customized for the transmission repair industry. Complete them on a tablet or print them in one click to support your quote. Finally, send a picture, for example, of a leaking seal to a customer to justify the work.

Inventory Management

With GEM-CAR, the #1 transmission shop management software, you can easily manage your parts inventory and transmission rebuilt. You can print barcode labels for any parts and services or use the existing ones.

Preventive Maintenance

With the Preventive Maintenance module, you can send reminders to customers for transmission service and maintenance to increase your shop occupancy. You can easily keep track of regular maintenance services and the parts for warranty.

Discover GEM-CAR catalog integration

GEM-CAR, an industry veteran in the transmission business software, integrates with hundreds of catalogs like Unitrans, WIT transmission, Transtar, Randys Worldwide, Transend, and more. We continuously keep the catalog integration up to date with tens of new catalogs integrated each month, based on our clients needs and requests.

We could add the catalogs you personally need. Challenge us!

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